Selective Colorization


The previous blog post showed an artistic interpretation of a garden scene at Brookside Gardens (Wheaton, MD). Here is another rendition of the same scene using the “Selective Colorization” feature in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. First, place a control point from “Selective Adjustments” on the part of the image that color is to be restored. Next, go to “Selective Colorization (SC)” at the bottom of the pulldown menu and move the slider to the right. However, some edge refinement might be needed using Photoshop layer masks. Screen shots for “Selective Colorization” are below.

SC Slider3

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Photography for Botanical Artists

-IMG_0022_HDR-Edit–17For the last two Sundays, I’ve had the pleasure to work with a wonderful, enthusiastic group of botanical illustrators and photographers at Brookside Gardens (Wheaton, MD). The focus of the workshop was on the camera as a tool to capture images for studio reference. On the last morning of the workshop, the weather was overcast and a bit windy. The blog image was taken to illustrate how to capture garden subjects that are not wind blown. To improve the composition of the garden urns, the small bubbling fountain was placed behind an urn. The water plume from the fountain would have been a visual distraction. The image above was post-processed in Lightroom, Nik Color Efex (Bleach Bypass), Topaz Adjust (Photo Pop) and Topaz Simplify (BuzSim). Below is the original image.


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Coping with the Wind


What do you do in a garden on an extremely windy day? You find subjects that are not being blown by the wind. These patterns were created by the railings on the steps leading to the Frances Plecker Education Center at Edith J. Carrier Arboretum and Botanical Garden at JMU.


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Fog and LR Clarity Slider



Several mornings ago, on my way to photograph at Blandy Farm aka State Arboretum of Virginia (near Winchester on Rt. 50), I decided to take a detour due to the fog and photograph a favorite barn and a majestic maple tree on the road to Delaplane. During post-processing of the fog images in Lightroom, I used the Clarity Slider to restore and enhance the fog. Sometime ago on my blog, I posted this photo tip. Here it is again.


Photo tip: In the Lightroom Development Module, slide the Clarity Slider to the left to restore or to enhance the effect of fog in an image. See LR screen shot and maple tree below.





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Polarizing Filters


Don’t leave home without one! This is one filter that will improve your landscape images. See for yourself! Compare the two images below from a recent trip to Burnside Farms (Haymarket, VA) on an overcast afternoon. A polarizing filter reduces glare on reflective surfaces and foliage, increases color saturation, and adds contrast in skies. I’m a big fan of polarizing filters and keep a polarizer on each lens and carry specialized extras. The effect of a polarizing filter is not easy to duplicate in post-processing.


Without Polarizing Filter


With Polarizing Filter

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